Trading Services


JBW Energy trades, distributes and exports diverse grades of crude oil in a cost-effective manner. Our Trading specialists effectively manage the risk associated with the volatile crude market while maintaining good relationships with key producers, refiners, logistics companies, and storage terminals; helping to smoothly serve its clients.
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Refinned Products

JBW Energy Division has a high presence in the global middle distillate market, trading fuels such as Jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel oil, and bunker fuels; shipping, storing, and blending products to suit various local requirements. Our trading specialists have a greater insight in the global structural imbalances in the supply and demand of middle distillate, with the expertise to manage and develop supply chains to respond quickly to market dynamics. Our traders across the various product grades are cut to deliver specified products in quality, quantity, and on time.
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(Non-Coking) Coal

JBW Energy Division speacializes in the sourcing and quality assurance of Non-coking sized steam coal out of Southern Africa.
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